Air Conditioner won't turn on?

 Though it seemed to take a while, the warm weather is finally here.  Soon it will even be hitting 90 degrees!  After pulling out your shorts and going to the pool the first thing that you will probably want to do is get your air conditioner running.  What a disappointment it would be if it did not turn on.  Don’t worry it may be just a simple problem and there are a few things you yourself can check on your unit:

First of all, check your thermostat.  Is it set to below the current room temperature or to cool?  If not, set your thermostat at a cooler temperature and if that does not work try checking your electrical panel.

Just like when you have lights that will not turn on or an outlet that does not work, the air conditioner’s fuse could be blown or the breaker could be switched to off.  If so, make sure they are all the way off and then flip the breaker back to “on.”  Also, sometimes there is a disconnect box with outdoor fuses for the air conditioner right by the unit.  Make sure to also check those-you may have to get new fuses.  However, it is probably a good idea to turn those fuses off before checking them.

Last but not least, check your filters.  Often, your furnace and air conditioner share the same duct work and therefore the same filter.  So even though it is sweltering hot, your furnace still plays an intricate part in keeping your home cool.  Make sure the one or both filters are clean.  A dirty filter restricts airflow and causes your unit to not work well or not at all.

If you have no success after all of these steps, your best bet is to contact a certified technician for example at Flame Heating Cooling and Electrical and sit back and enjoy the warm weather.

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